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A funeral service is a celebration of a person who lived, loved and laughed. Their funeral should be as individual as they were in life, keeping with their lifestyle and traditions. C.M. Humpula Funeral Home is here to serve you one family at a time, twenty-four hours a day. Please call our funeral home anytime.

Our Funeral Home, with restful, wooded riverside surroundings, is open to providing a full range of funeral services for families throughout western Saginaw County. Licensed Funeral Director Cadia Humpula Hofmann is dedicated to coordinating personalized services that recognize the dignity and richness of life. Her personal and caring approach works to ensure each service is tailored to the family's unique needs.


C.M. Humpula Funeral Home serves all faiths and can provide services based on all traditions and financial situations. Whether you seek a traditional burial, mausoleum entombment, or cremation services, we will provide around-the-clock guidance for your service.


In addition to our client families, we strive to provide a welcoming, comfortable environment for visiting guests. We understand the important role that friends and acquaintances play in assisting families in their time of need.

The more you know about C. M. Humpula Funeral Home, the more you will appreciate the difference!
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Pre-Planning: A Considerate Choice for you Family

While visiting our website, we hope you visit our Pre-Planning page to view general information about our services. Contacting us to discuss pre-planning options is a very proactive, yet often overlooked way to make the experience of losing a loved one easier on your family.

Although it is often difficult to consider making pre-planned funeral and burial arrangements, the benefits of doing so are quite clear. Meeting with a licensed funeral director allows you to take control of the situation, making choices that are most appropriate for you. Perhaps more importantly, decisions can be made during a stress-free time, and pre-planning also removes the burden of making tough decisions from your loved ones in times of duress.

Your Choice on Your Schedule

We invite you to set up an appointment to discuss pre-planning options for you and your family. We offer flexible hours that include evening and weekend appointments. Our goal in meeting with you is to explain all of your options, giving you the information, opportunity, and time needed to make choices that are most appropriate for you.

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